Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: The Failed by Jim Bronyaur

eBook, 221 pages (per Kindle)
Published (first published November 9th 2011)
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Horror, zombie
Stars: 4

I really liked the way The Failed was written. It showed everyone’s various roles in the outbreak from various points of view, all at different times and places. Readers are taken from the lab to the air, road and railways as the test subjects make their escapes. Lab events are recounted through the journal entries of a scientist who is very skeptical about the cure all serum that his employer is developing.

Scientist Jack Stevey saw things in the lab that made him uncomfortable and very leery about the doctor and his miraculous cure all serum. He began taking notes, lots of notes. Eventually note taking led to sample taking and his own personal testing ending with shocking discoveries. Stevey saw this train wreck approaching (yes pun intended) and he had full intentions of trying to assist in the aftermath.

Lance, Dale, and Jackie are transport pawns for 4 Industries. They accept a job to haul cargo from 4 Industries in Pennsylvania to The Facility in Nevada. The jobs always pay well. The pay is even better when no questions are asked. The men have never had any problems with their cargo on previous jobs. The jobs are always easy, until this job. There is a small problem with the cargo, it’s undead and wants out.

The Pringle family sees, hears, and feels the train crash on the track behind their home. Abby is scared of the monsters she sees everywhere when lights are out and it’s her bed time. Paul and Janet are at their wits end with their daughter and her insistent claims about monsters. The night of the train crash changes that. There truly are monsters and they are headed straight for the Pringle family home.

Scientific experiments gone wrong, conspiratorial cover-up’s, and the zombie degrees of separation. The pace of the book keeps the pages moving. I was constantly curious what would happen to each character next. I liked how they all were brought together due to one crazy doctor’s persistence to get his cure all serum out to the masses by any means necessary.


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