Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reviewers Wanted!

I recently decided I should possibly look for some additional reviewers on the blog. If this is something that may interest you please email me at vanessa @ thejeepdiva (dot) com.  

I am specifically looking for individuals who are interested in erotic romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance, I really do get a mix of requests. 

I will need to see several example reviews. If you post reviews to goodreads or amazon a linky to those will work. 

I need who ever is interested to have an eReader or a method to read the eBooks. All of the books I get for review come in an electronic format.

Being able to read and review at least one book a week would be a tremendous help. I also need my reviewers to post the reviews for the books that they read to amazon.com and goodreads.com.

Of course who ever responds needs to understand that you would be required to read the books that you accept. You would be responsible for creating a thoughtful and honest review of the book that you had read. As a reviewer you have the option to decline any book. No one wants to read something that does not interest them. 

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