Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Defying Pack Law by Eve Langlais

Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: Amira Press (July 8, 2011)
ISBN 13: 9781936279968
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, ménage, werewolves
Series: Pack, book #1
Stars: 5
Flames: 5

Dana ran from her pack and their archaic laws when she was eighteen. She was young and in love and naïve enough to believe her first lover when he told her that it would be just the two of them, even though pack law dictates that she take a minimum of two lovers. Dana did the only thing she knew could keep her from being a female passed between a group of males for their sexual gratification. She would have her freedom and the right to make the decisions for her life. She ran. It took twelve years for Nathan to find her.

It may have taken Nathan twelve years to find Dana, but it took him less than twelve seconds to create a rift between them. Nathan continues to say the wrong thing to Dana. He loves her, he has always loved her, and everything he has done since she left has been done for her. He just can’t seem to tell her or give her what she needs, so he continually makes a disaster of things between them.

Dana knows Nathan lover her, but she can’t help but notice his two pack brothers that are showing an interest. Kody and John were raised pack, so they are used to sharing. Dana has to now come to terms with the fact that she may be ready to settle down and willingly accept pack law. All of a sudden taking more than one male is appealing to her.

I loved Kody! He was her charming fun loving male. All three of Dana’s mates are different in appearances and personalities. Even with the short amount of pages they were fleshed out nicely. They all handled the multimate anxieties of Dana differently. These three men form a united strength that she needs in her life. John gives her a calm that she has never had. Nathan is the element that brought them all together. The guys need each other too. They are all three in new territory, taking a mate.

Oh my wow! This is one scorching hot book. When I open any of Eve’s book I automatically expect humor and hot hot hot smutty good sex scenes. I found that Defying Pack Law didn’t have the humor that I’ve come to expect from her work, but it was in no way lacking. The story and overall romance worked well for me also. There was much relationship building, especially with Nathan and all of blunders. Can’t wait to read the next in this series!  

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