Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review: Daughters of Lyra by Felicity Heaton

Paperback, 278 pages
Published March 8th 2011 by Createspace
ISBN 13: 9781460987971
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Stars: 5
Flames: 5

I loved Sons of Lyra. I’m glad the author gave me the chance to revisit the world she created with that book. The four sons from that book have had their own children. Those children are now grown and Felicity has written the tales of five of their daughters finding love. I would never have thought that the daughter’s tales of love could have been better than the original. I was wrong. Readers are also given the treat of finding out so much more information about other different races that were barely touched on with Sons of Lyra.

Heart of an Emperor: Sophia Lyra, daughter from Runaway Hearts. Sophia is upset that her father has seen it time to bring various male suitors around. He feels that she needs to marry. He hopes that she will marry a male who has much to offer her and her people. Sophia wants love. She has little cares about being bought by some suitor’s offerings. Loved this one!

Heart of a Mercenary: Miali Lyra, daughter from Fight for Love. Miali believes that she has hidden her true identity well. She works as an ambassador for Lyra. Someone whom she trusts has not only discovered her identity, but now plans to profit from it. The slavers know that they can become quite wealthy even after her sale price is split amongst them.  One of her captors feels that selling her to get back his family who has been sold is not too terrible. Miali is different from the previous women he has helped sell though. This one was my least favorite of the group.

Heart of a Prince: Renie Lyra, daughter from Slave Princess. Renie has spent her life exploring every galaxy she can with her twin Rezic. Their explorations have taken them a little too close to a place where Lyrans are not welcome. After their ship is damaged and Rezic is injured, Renie has no choice but to look to their enemies for assistance. The enemies see her has the same and immediately place her in their detention cells. She is not alone in the cells. She is down there with the most handsome man she has ever seen. A man whose race she cannot identify and may be her key to getting her and her brother to safety. I loved this one too!

Heart of a Commander: Amerii Lyra, daughter from Stranded. Amerii has been tasked with the job of seeing that Lyran personal take charge of a Varken planet. All this is part of a peace that the two ruling bodies and agreed upon. The object of her affection just happens to be the Varken commander that will oversee this transaction with her. She has leaned little of this race since her cousin married their emperor. She now gets to spend time with him and see if perhaps he feels the same attraction that she does.

Heart of an Assassin: Natalia Lyra, youngest daughter from Slave Princess. This was my favorite story of the five. She is a very extraordinary princess. She was such a strong independent woman there at the end. Natalia has been watched, protected and loved for the past seven years and she never knew it. One of her father’s assassins has kept his presence hidden from her. He has shown himself to her a few times, but he knows that he is not worthy of the princesses affections. So he remains as her hidden protector. An attack at a festival gives him the opportunity to be closer to her. His protection allows Natalia the chance to do something that she wants, for her own self.

Daughters of Lyra works as a stand-alone. One can read Daughters without having read Sons. Although I highly recommend reading both!

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