Monday, March 5, 2012

ARC Review: Kiss of Pride by Sandra Hill

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: April 24th 2012 by HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 13: 9780062064615
Source: Publisher, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Series: Deadly Angels #1
Stars: 5
Flames: 2

I have to admit, time traveling Viking vampire angels is a first. This book was several firsts for me. It is the first and certainly not the last Sandra Hill book for me. This is also the first Viking book I’ve ever read. I’m also not sure what I expected going into Kiss of Pride, but it is definitely not what got. What I got was a book that mixes so many different elements that are extremely popular in paranormal romances at the moment, a group of highly entertaining vangels, a cynical/sarcastic heroine, great plot, and a surprisingly humorous story. I easily see myself telling all my booky friends that they must read this book. They must all read it now!

Vikar Sigurdsson has been a bad bad Viking. Actually he and all 6 of his brothers have been overly indulging in the seven deadly sins. God has decided they must pay for their transgressions. He appoints the archangel Michael to oversee their penance. The Sigurdsson fellas have a hard time completely breaking all of their a-Viking habits and their 700 year penance just keeps growing.

Alex has lost the most important thing in her life. This loss has changed her for the worse. She is not a happy person. She is contemplating doing very bad things to the people who took from her. Alex has misplaced her beliefs. Divine intervention sends her on a new assignment. She has been tasked with seeing what the story is behind Transylvania, Pennsylvania.  

As soon as Vikar sees Alex he knows that he has to save her from the evil that has tainted her. Alex is struggling with trying to figure out how surfer guy plays into an entire town going vampy. She will get the story though, even if she must go along with his craziness to get inside his castle. Once inside she discovers there is more than just a story about an overly vampy town. Alex and Vikar also discover they can’t and don’t really want to keep their hands off of each other.  

There are so many awesome aspects in the pages of Kiss of Pride. I loved the characters. They are numerous and individually distinctive. I loved the VIK, the seven Sigurdsson brothers. I am hoping that Hill plans on creating a book for each of them. I enjoyed the “near-sex,” it was amusing to see Vikar and Alex and the way they bent the rules just to be together. I was not expecting humor and this book is hilarious at so many times. I liked the religious/biblical aspect. The Viking vampire angels are out there doing God’s work. They’re saving individual souls and battling the evil Hell vamps.

***Book #2 Kiss of Surrender is set to come out on Tuesday September 25, 2012. I can't wait. I've dug around on the internet & I can't find who the hero will be. I want to know!**


  1. YEAH! I have this book on my "to buy" list :)

  2. Reading your reviews is making a dent in my credit cards. LOL!!

    You go girl! Great Review!