Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter in Paradise by T.C. Archer

eBook, 42 pages
Published October 11th 2011 by Etopia Press
ASIN: B005V336EI
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Stars: 4
Flames: 5

I know I’ve said this numerous times, but I have to point out that short stories and novellas work best for me when the couple knows each other from the very beginning of the tale.

Kelly and Byron are already in a sexual relationship at the very beginning. In fact, Kelly wakes after one of their steamy nights together to find that he has gone on a suicide mission. Thus she heads off on a rescue mission.

I am still amazed at how much I was given in so few pages. Kelly does a fair amount of reminiscing while she is searching for Byron. This allows for readers to feel the emotions behind their relationship. The reasons they have made it to a point that they are willing to die to save the other are apparent.

Readers are also given the very emotional point in their relationship where they do not know if they will have a tomorrow, but they are going to give everything they have to that moment. They share a crucial time together where all their feelings for one another are expressed in an extremely passionate sex scene.

I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author. The story was imaginative and creatively written. The setting was vivid in its descriptions. The characters emotions and feeling were almost tangible.

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