Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: A Hero Rising by Aubrie Dionne

eBook, 157 pages
Published 2012 by Entangled Publishing, LLC
ISBN 13: 9781937044831
Source: Publisher, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Sci-Fi (mild romance)
Series: A New Dawn, book #3
Best read in order: no, each book in series works as a stand alone
Stars: 4
Flames: 1

Readers first meet James in Tundra 37. He has a small role which is reflected upon in A Hero Rising. One of the things I find interesting about this series is that you can easily read the books out of order. Each of the three A New Dawn books works as a stand-alone. In fact, A Hero Rising takes place many years before Paradise 21 & Tundra 37.

A Hero Rising is the tale of how the “unchosen” make it off of planet Earth before it is completely uninhabitable. The government officials, elitists, and Earths most wealthy people have decided against sharing what few resources remain. They have decided to destroy the remaining resources, nuke the cities being overrun by moonshiners and then abandon the planet. They have built colony ships to safely see them into the future onto paradise planets hundreds of years away.

James and other members of his gang have discovered a colony ship that was not complete and the project was abandoned. It’s the only chance of survival. He knows they do not have the resources to make it to one of the paradise planets, but if he can get the remaining survivors onboard that ship and away from the doomed Earth they will at least have a sliver of a chance of survival.

Dionne does a phenomenal job of putting so much action into these pages. So many odds are stacked against Skye and James. The people are starving and there is not enough water for the poverty stricken people. Gangs are attacking the government officials. A recreational drug is having some horrible side effects on its abusers. The greedy have become so narrow minded they have no problem leaving the desolate to die.

James just wants his people to have a chance at living. Skye just wants her child Carly to know a different life than she did. This is a powerful tale of what people are willing to do to survive.

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  1. I read Paradise 21 and simply loved it. I have to get my eyes on this and the second Tundra 37!

    Thanks for the review!