Sunday, January 15, 2012

Road Trip! Kresley Cole & Paul Marron for Lothaire

Friday January 13 I took Andy the Arctic Jeep on his first road trip. My friends Picky Me (Tricia,) Stephanie, Kristi, and I got up at the crack of dawn to drive down to New Orleans to meet the very talented Kresley Cole and the very sexy Paul Marron. Anyone who has ever heard me talk about covers knows that I Paul is my cover lover boyfriend. I will buy any book his sexy self is on. I also LOVE Kresley's Immortals After Dark. So driving to New Orleans for all that awesomeness made for an incredible weekend road trip.

Me with the very talented Kresley Cole

PickyMe (Tricia) & myself

Picky, Steph & Kristi with the tour bus

Me, attempting to get closer to the very sexy Paul Marron.
Paul was awesome! He was patient and kind while a gazillion women ogled him and had him taking pictures. 

Tricia, me & Red Hot Jenn.
I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger Jenn from Red Hot Books. I even stole this pic from her post, I managed to forget to take a pic of us. 

Kresley answered  ton of questions from her fans. She also had series trivia questions, which she gaveaway IAD merchandise for prizes. 

Overall I had a great weekend. I LOVE road tripping, love books, love awesome people and my weekend was filled with all of the above!


  1. Yay for stalking!! It was so much fun & it was great to meet you. :)

  2. I'm so jealous you got to go!

    Glad you had a lot fun and meet some great fellow bloggers!

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics!

  3. So jealous! Glad you got the chance to meet Kresley and Paul!

  4. Lucky you and thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. im soooo jealous! but thanks for sharing your experience! love kresley and love Paul

  6. How was he when you asked him for the pose? Oh and as far as I can tell, everybody is saying that he smell's WONDERFUL. Is that your thought as well? ;-)

  7. I love that pose! LOL I wonder if he'll read Lothaire now that he's seen how popular it is? BTW so jealous about meeting KC AND Marron. Glad you had a good time tho!

  8. So jealous that the tour is mainly in the south! Come north!!!

  9. Great post!!! I don't know who is, Kresley, Tricia or Jen.

    And is your thigh rubbing against Pauls groin??? SCORE!!! So jealous!

  10. Looks like you had a blast! Yeah for road trips with girlfirends that involve hot boys!