Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Grace in Moonlight by: Stephanie Julian

eBook, 139 pages
Published July 20th 2011 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 13: 9781419935718
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Series: Lucani Lovers #5
Best read in order: yes
Stars: 5
Flames: 5

Kaisie is a must read. I absolutely fell in love with Kaisie. I loved his character from the very beginning. I was completely and utterly wowed by him at a little past the half way mark. He was having a we’re not teenagers conversation with Grace and he just told her what he expected and how it was going to happen. It was just the confidence he had in her, in him and what they could be together that impressed me. He wasn’t egotistical and cocky about it. He just laid it all out there for Grace to clearly see. So, Kaisie is a must read male!

I like Grace too. She has done some very unethical things to see to her son has a long healthy life. She regrets that people were harmed and terrorized in the process, but she has zero regrets on the fact that she wants her son to be happy and healthy. This woman has backbone when it comes to her children. When the opportunity arrises that allows for her to help in the rescue mission that will put her children back in her life she does not stand down when Kaisie tells her to stay at the lucani den.  

I am also at the end of my magical Etruscan book journey until Stephanie gets more out there for me to acquire.  I am the slightest bit bummed. The readers are shown who the next couple will be in the Lucani Lovers series. They don’t have any roles in the past books so there is no point in me sharing that little tid bit. 

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