Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ARC Review: A Devil Named Desire by: Terri Garey

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

Expected publication: January 31th 2012 by Avon
ISBN 13: 9780061986406
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Devil's Bargain, book #2
Best read in order: No
Stars: 3
Flames: 3

I love Samael’s role in this series. He does things that benefit him while manipulating other people’s lives. Sam has decided that Gabriel needs to experience desire. Following a desire is what caused Sam’s fall. In the process of tempting Gabe, Sam plans on using Hope’s desperation to put a book into print on the internet so that the world will have access to the information in its pages.

I did not feel Hope and Gabriel’s insta-love. Hope had feelings of love immediately after a very traumatic event in her already depressed life after spending just a day with Gabe while assuming he is a murdering demonic slave of the Devil’s. His insta-love feelings bothered me due to the fact that he has existed a gazillion years among the humans and has never been attracted to one, then he meets Hope and immediately falls in love with her.

I will continue reading this series. I love Sammy! I also think Garey has something big in store for him with the next book. The ending leads me to believe that anyhow.

I think this book could easily be read as a standalone. The events that took place in Devil Without a Cause are not mentioned. The Nicki Styx fans that follow this series will be pleased that she has a small role in A Devil Named Desire.


  1. hmmm, interesting. I am dying to read this book! I love this series, which begs the the heck did I miss this on NetGalley??? smiles...

  2. One of our reviewers snagged this before me and I am dying to read it. Loved the Nicki Styx series and so glad she gets a cameo!!

  3. Nice review,I found your review interesting along with the hot cover...purrrr...hehehe

  4. Hello pretty pretty cover! LOL, I have had this series on the TBR for awhile, can't wait to actually read it. Thanks for the review :) Book Savvy Babe