Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Stroking a Brazen Lust by Rita Sawyer

Paperback, 178 pages
Published November 19th 2010 by Siren Publishing
ISBN 13: 9781606012574
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Romance
Series: Brazen Sisters, book #3
Best read in order: Yes
Stars: 4
Flames: 3

The tension stays high the entire book with this installment of the Brazen Sisters series. Between small town scandalous gossip and a ginormous misunderstanding the tension in the Brazen household is at an all-time high. The six sassy sister’s deal with the conflict in the only manner they know how to by sticking to each other’s sides and looking out for one another’s best interest.

Hal’s little yearly getaway (disguised as work) got him more than he ever bargained for. Not only does he find himself falling in deeper with Frankie, he seems to find himself getting in deeper with the entire Brazen family, especially when his family is added to the mix.

I saw it coming. I knew something was going to happen with a particular character. When it finally happened it was in a completely different situation than what I had expected. Stroking a Brazen Lust is high on the sexual tension in all the right ways. The mega misunderstanding tension makes this book impossible to put down once you’ve started reading it.

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