Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Midnight by Ellen Connor

Paperback, 336 pages
Published September 6th 2011 by Berkley Trade
ISBN 13: 9780425242995
Source: purchased for self
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance
Series: Dark Age Dawning #2
Best read in order: most likely
Stars: 4
Flames: 3

Dark Age Dawning is such an interesting series. It is set in a post-apocalyptical world than has been changed due to an unknown magical force. The people have changed. Not all can still claim to be human. I love the gritty darkness of the world. Midnight picks up several years after Nightfall. Life has drastically changed, no one has come to save the day and humans, changed or otherwise are just trying to survive.  
Dr. Chris Welsh is not the same scientist that readers were introduced to in Nightfall. The Change has hardened him. He has grown accustomed to being a lone drifter. He has seen some horrific tragedies since the Change and they have changed him. One of his changes is what leads him to Valle de Bravo.
Rosa Cortex is a self-described warlord. She’s dragged herself up from the bottom of life. She expects to worst out of everyone around her and trusts no one. She expects her team of bravos to follow her orders, give her their allegiance, and keep their settlement safe and prosperous.
Rosa’s settlement is starting to experience some turmoil. They are experiencing raids more and more often. The men far outnumber the women. The woman leader gives all the orders and does not allow any of her bravos to stand/rule beside her. She knew the moment she saw Chris that he would cause trouble. This is the first functioning and organized settlement Chris has seen since the Change. His scientists mind has him curious. He wants to stay on and understand its workings. He also wants to get know Rosa.
Chris and Rosa worked well as a couple for me. They have both experienced great loss due to the Change. The Change has drastically changed who they were from just five short years ago. Rosa is an extremely difficult woman. At times it was hard for me to like her as a character. I think Chris provides a balance that she was previously missing. He doesn’t set out to change her, but he shows her that there is still some good in this horrifically changed world.
The Spanish word usage and slang terms got on my nerves. Some of the Spanish I was able to figure out just by the context of the sentence. I did have to Google some of the words. Spanish is the heroine’s first language and the setting is also a southwestern desert town, so the language usage goes with the story. I don’t speak any Spanish and having to look up some words slowed down my reading. This is a great book and I wanted to find out more about the story and its characters.

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