Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: Dare to Prepare by Holly Drennan Deyo

By: Holly Drennan Deyo

Perfect Paperback, 632 pages
Published 2011 by Deyo Enterprises, LLC
ISBN 13: 9780972768894
Source: Purchased for self
Stars: 5

This is the total package of emergency preparedness bound in a book that should be in every household. So many different scenarios of potential disasters are covered in these pages. The book is filled with information that would take any individual years worth of time scouring the internet and libraries to find. Holly has put it all into a well-organized book that you can easily have at your fingertips when the electricity is out or the internet is down. This is a very realistic and practical book everyone needs to own.  

Holly covers food storage, how to make water drinkable, how to find water, how to make shelters, how to properly dispose of various wastes to keep you and your family clean and healthy and so many other factors that when the time comes that this information is needed it will not easily be found. Dare to Prepare will assist in every stage of a disaster. The information provided in these pages lets you know what you should have on hand prior to the disaster, it has additional information that you may need during a disaster (first aid tips) and how to safely make it on your own until life and the affected area gets back to normal.

This book advises readers on how to begin preparing for the unexpected. Holly goes into detail on what items are needed around a home, items that will not be easily acquired after the unexpected disaster. She also advises how much food and household items will be needed to carry individuals over various amounts of time. This allows readers to accommodate their household accordingly. She also takes into consideration the various cost differences of many necessities to allow for individuals in different financial situations to allot what they can afford on their budget.

From my own personal experiences I know what it is like to be without electricity for well over a month due to a natural disaster. I also know that grocery stores do not immediately open after the storm has passed and that you cannot rely on help to come immediately when your area has been struck by an unexpected disaster. I wish I would have had this book on hand when I lived on the Mississippi coast in August of 2005. The resources in this book are priceless.

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