Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: My Way to Hell by Dakota Cassidy

Paperback, 336 pages
Published July 6th 2010 by Penguin Group (USA)
ISBN 13: 9780425234433
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Humor
Series: Hell #2
Best read in order: not really
Stars: 3
Flames: 3

Readers are introduced to Kellen and Marcella in Kiss & Hell. Kellen hated Marcella. She’s a (was) a demon. He knows that there is only one way to become a demon, evil. He has fought an attraction to her due to this perceived evilness. After Marcella fought the battle with Lucifer with Clyde and Delaney, Kellen sees her differently. He knows there was more to her than demon.

Marcella and Kellen go into a relationship that they both know will have problems. She’s a ghost. She has no clue how much time she has on the livings plane. Kellen is very mortal. If Marcella does manage to stay on the living plane Kellen will eventually die of old age.

The reasons behind how Marcella became a demon come into light. Those reasons also play a huge role in the plot of the book. The same reasons also demand that she start trusting the people around her enough to let them into her (un)life and heart.

I loved the fact that Darwin (Delaney’s dead Rottweiler) was given voice. I LOVED his role in this book. He brought the comedy to the pages. I also enjoyed his various forms on the living plane. I think he was much needed, without Darwin the humor would have been lacking. The missing humor was a bit of a disappointment to me. I didn’t find this book nearly as funny as the first.

I think My Way to Hell could easily be read as a stand-alone. The major events of Delaney and Clyde’s book were worked in as conversation, without a major rehashing. I am positive that the readers were introduced to a couple who could easily get a book. The ending wraps up without any loose ends that leave you dying to get your hands on the next book. I like that, I really hate cliff hangers that leave me hanging while an author writes a book that I have to impatiently wait for.

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  1. Thanks for sharing today. I hopped over to check out the book on amazon and unfortunately this is one of those reads where a Kindle edition cost twice of what a paperback costs. I believe an author should definitely receive payment for their hard work, as is only right and deserving,but I have a personal moratorium against buying books that are priced in this manner. I will keep an eye on this series and hopefully the publisher will change this, as it sounds like a fun read.