Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: Seduced by Magic by Stephanie Julian

eBook, 245 KB or 266 pages
Published March 5th 2008 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 13:9781419914935
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance
Series: Magical Seduction #1
Stars: 4
Flames: 4

                Scarlata is folletti, a mythical fairy like creature. She likes her secret existence. She does not wish for any humans to find her or the even bigger secret that she is hiding in the Forest of Hawk Mountain. There is a very specific reason she has snuck into Justin’s cabin. He is a researcher. He is a researcher too close to her and her secret. He is a researcher that wishes to expose her to society. She can’t let any of this happen. As far Scarlata is concerned he must die, now and by her hands. There’s just one problem, Justin. She never expected to want to touch him, to seduce him, to do so many other things to his perfect body. What would one taste hurt? Plenty, Justin is not as affected by Scarlata’s magic as he should be and he wants more of what she has already offered!
               When Scarlata and Justin finally come up for air they realize there is a bigger problem that Justin stumbling into the forest that she lives in. The company Justin works for sent him there. Justin has always been obsessed with field research, just like his father. He got the drive to find proof of the mythological from his father’s stories. Was Justin offered this assignment because of his imagination, his beliefs, or does someone at his company believe he can actually find something in the woods other than wildlife?
               What a sweet erotic read this was. Very sexy read with such easily likable characters. I had no idea going into this book that it was set in the same world as What a Goddess Wants. Nortia and Salvatarus are in this book too. You need not read one to understand the other. The two series can be read independently. This is not witch magic, for whatever reason I have just never enjoyed witch magic. The magical element here is the natural magic that the mythical beings carry within themselves naturally. That is another enjoyable factor with this book, the uniqueness of the mythical characters. They are not the same characters you see over and over in so many books. Julian uses the Etruscan pantheon. It’s certainly fresh and a new variety of beings for me. 

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