Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review & GIVEAWAY: The Calling by Ashley Lynn Willis

eBook, 360 pages
Expected publication: October 2011
Source: Author for the purposes of an honest review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Stars: 5
Flames: 4

                The Calling is what I think of as paranormal light. There are paranormal characters, but they are not fighting an evil nemesis or trying to save the world. They are living an everyday life just as any other human being would. Justin has chosen a career in the Coast Guard where he can sometimes secretively use his abilities to command the seas to save the lives of others. That is in fact where this journey begins. Justin is saving a father and son from a ship sinking due to a storm. The hanging on the edge of your seat action and suspense begins and readers are thrown into a book that can’t be put down until they journey through the very climatic ending. This is a non-stop page turner.

                Mandy is in the midst of bringing some normal back into her life. She has recently lost a breast to cancer and her self-esteem to an ex who dumped her when life got too real for him to handle. (That’s right him to handle, selfish man all readers will love to hate.) She is bringing herself back from a horrific illness. She’s went back to the nursing job that she loves, she’s begun spending time with the friends that stayed with her during her illness. She still has many doubts about what life has in store for her. Then a chance encounter with her ex’s best friend (Justin) gives her something to look forward to. He’s invited her to spend the day hanging out with him on the beach. It’s something they have done many times before, but this time Justin doesn’t have to hide his attraction.

                The Calling has just become the best book that I have read this year. Without a doubt I can easily see myself raving about this book to every book lover I come into contact with for a long time to come! My husband would pass me while I was reading The Calling and stop to ask what I was smiling about. You can’t help but smile while reading this book. It’s not a comedy, but it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, a real feel good book. Justin and Mandy are absolutely AMAZING characters. Readers are in store for an emotional roller coaster. I do not think there is a single emotion that the reader does not experience at some point. Mandy and Justin do not have an easy relationship. They have many trials that they must face in the developing and strengthening of their relationship. After reading the greatest epilogue ever I turned off my Kindle looked down at it and sighed “wow.”

Favorite quote from Mandy: “If you don’t stop, I’ll have a heart attack. If you do stop, I’ll spontaneously combust. Your choice.”      Wow, to have a man make you feel that!

Favorite quote from Justin: (one shows his passion for Mandy, one shows his joyful personality)
“You have the part of my heart that I’m missing.” 
“Oh, your big ass is at the top of my list, too. In fact, we need to order dessert because some of your jiggles disappeared in the last year.”

***for those book lovers who prefer print books, The Calling will be out in print later this year***

Ashley has been kind enough to offer one eBook to a very lucky individual. Just comment below with your email address. I will announce the winner Saturday November 5!


  1. sounds like an interesting book! count me in!

  2. This is a new series and author to me but it sounds great. I'd like to be entered to win this ebook and thanks!

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  3. Thanks for introducing me to another new (to me) author. I've put it on my "to get to read list" but the list is so long now, I'd like to win this so I can read it much sooner.

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  4. Sounds like a great book and something I would love to read.

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  6. I would love a copy! Thanks!!

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  8. Best book you've read this year, huh? I guess I will just have to add it to my TBR :) Thanks for the review, and the chance to win a copy! Book Savvy Babe booksavvybabe at gmail dot com

  9. Great Review! I loved this book too. dont enter me, I am just stopping by to say hello and show my support for you and Ashly.

    Happy Halloween by the way. Oh and now I will go pimp this for you on twitter and fb - LOL

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  10. Sounds very good. I would love to read the book. Please enter me in contest.

  11. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you Vanessa for a wonderful review and for hosting the giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered, too! :)

  12. What a wonderful review! The Calling sounds so good. :)

  13. Absolutely love this cover. It is gorgeous.

    Also love the quotes!

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  14. sounds like an interesting book and i like the cover

  15. Been reading great reviews on this book and I would love to read it.

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  17. I'm adding this to my must have list. It sounds great.

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  18. I saw this book being promoted somewhere else and I wasn't too intrigued, but I have to say that your review made me want to give it a look-see again. I especially want to see a gal who beat cancer get her chance at happiness.

    Thanks for the post and for the giveaway opportunity.

  19. This sounds like a good one!
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