Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Children of Bacchus by: Andrew Grey

Paperback, 308 pages
Published September 1st 2008 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 13: 9781935192138
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: M/M Fantasy Romance
Series: Satyr #1
Stars: 3
Flames: 4

                Children of Bacchus is comprised of two novellas: Journey to Childhood and Community of Children. In Journey to childhood the readers are introduced to Travis and Cembran. Travis has just inherited a large acreage property. Cembran has been a long time tenant of the property. Travis not knowing of Satyr’s and their longevity has no clue just how long Cembran has actually lived there. Travis is also shocked when he finally meets this tenant and realizes that this is the man he has been having erotic dreams about since his teen years. As Travis and Cembran’s relationship grows stronger and brings them closer together the erotic dreams begin to turn to nightmares that Travis hopes never become a reality.  

                Community of Children is appropriately titled. The family acreage is turning into a community where the Satyrs are living and often visiting with one another. The changes that happen in Cembran’s life due to the ending of Journey into Childhood (potential spoiler, sorry for elusiveness) allows him to reconnect with family members he had not seen in a couple hundred years. The Satyr community at Cembran and Travis’s farm is continuing to grow. Their monthly Bacchanal is continuing to grow and prosper. With the community come multiple couples that the readers get to know. Brock and Steven are one of these secondary couples that are so hot together they leave burn marks on the pages.

                The Satyr’s dreamwalking ability has given Travis and Cembran a unique connection. It gives Travis a reason to pursue Cembran when he pushes Travis away feigning a lack of interest. This ability also brings much turmoil to the relationship. It is forbidden among Satyr’s to use this ability. Yet someone who is seeking to harm Cembran is attempting to reach him through Travis’s dreams. Travis and Cembran have a very sweet, loving, caring and deeply emotional relationship. Cembran has been a loner for an incredibly long time. Travis has had plenty of relationships, but there was always something missing. Travis and Cembran together works, they share an affinity for animals, and they have long been connected through the dreams. Their affection for one another is real and concrete.

                I think this book is a perfect hammock read. The story is set in the country on a farm. The characters are living on and enjoying time working the farm, cooling off in a lake, sunning on the beach and nights by campfires. The overall ambiance of the book made me want to be outside in an autumn breeze. The minimal conflict and lack of angst, anger and aggression also gives Children of Bacchus a much laid back relaxed feel. 

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