Monday, September 26, 2011

Review:The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu by Michelle Franklin

eBook, 142 pages
Published June 14th 2011 by Michelle Franklin
ISBN 13: 9781450265799
Source: Bewitching Book Tours
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Book #1 Haanta Series

                In a desperate attempt to save her homeland Boudicca releases a giant that is being held prisoner in the camps where her troops are currently attempting to maintain their borders. Rautu is not easily convinced to help. He is gruff and comes off often as quite rude. He is having some guilty feelings about his failure to his people. He sees that if he helps this female (that has no business fighting a man’s war in his expert opinion) that perhaps he can return to his homeland in good graces. Rautu soon learns that the female he is battling with is a force to be reckoned with. He is correct in his assumption. After many months of battle and the wars over he can return home. He chooses to do so with Boudicca as his travel companion. Once Boudicca is in the homeland of Rautu she begins to understand even more about him. Being in his homeland sheds light as to why he does some of the things that he does.

The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu is a fantasy adventure with a tiny dash of romance. Rautu and Boudicca travel meeting different people and journeying to far and distant places. Towards the end there is a sex scene. The majority of the romance is this crazy dance that Rautu and Boudicca perform. It’s fun and flirty to see the two characters that are from such different worlds react to each other and their vastly different cultures. Rautu is a giant, yet he is a big softy when it comes to Boudicca. He constantly watches her. He observes everything that she does so that he can better protect her. He has fought beside her in a war. She has earned his respect and admiration. Boudicca knows that some of what she says and does is lost on Rautu. His not understanding her culture and ways is one of the things I found humorous about the Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu, Boudicca teases Rautu and lets him get worked up over something minor that he just doesn’t understand due to cultural differences. It’s sweet. Even though this book is not a romance I found myself wanting love for them throughout the book.

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series and Tales from Frewyn!