Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: Once Bitten, Forever Burned by: Eve Langlais and Stacey Kennedy


Once Bitten, Forever Burned (

By: Eve Langlais and Stacey Kennedy


Published May 5th 2011

ISBN13: 9780986915413

Source: Purchased for self

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires and Werewolves

Stars: 4

Flames: 4

This is a short anthology consisting of two stories both set in the same world. The first story is Devil’s Redemption by Eve Langlais. Ten years ago Devon left to fight in a war that took his life and gave him an unlife. Scared of how his love Bethany would feel about the monster that he became he stayed away from her. Bethany’s life has gone downhill ever since Devon left. The only bright spot is that she became a veterinary doctor with her own practice. She’s in a severely abusive relationship with a man who is more than human who has taken away more than she thought she ever had to give. One night while locking up her office she can’t believe what she sees stepping out of the shadows.
Stacey Kennedy is the author of the second story, Cruz’s Salvation. Cruz was turned into a vampire on the same battlefield that Devon was. They have remained friends over the past ten years. Cruz has found himself in a situation that he sees no happily ever after coming to him. He has fallen in love with an Alpha werewolf’s daughter. Kiara wants to be with Cruz, but the longtime vampire/werewolf feud is keeping them apart. Her father also expects her to become the mate of another Alpha. Her bloodline dictates only the best for her. In her father opinion a bloodsucking bottom feeder will never do.
Both of these stories are great. I really enjoy they two authors writing. This anthology is novella sized. I was amazed that due to the length of both stories I was given so much. There was romance, scorching hot sex scenes, strong relationship development and great action. The characters fleshed out extremely well. I couldn’t stop the page turning. Both stories are presented with situations that appear to have no way towards to a happy outcome. This book is an AWESOME buy at just $0.99!


  1. Thank you for sharing your review today on this wonderfully priced book:)