Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Shambling With the Stars by Jesse Petersen

Kindle Edition, 7100 words
Published June 15th 2011 by Orbit
Genre: Zombie Apocalypse
Source: Purchased for self
Stars: 4

Avery is a television studio director who believes that the zombie drama happening in the Northwest that her studio is doing a telethon for could never get close to her in L.A. After one of the star hosts uses the doctor he is interviewing on the set as a midafternoon snack, Avery realizes how wrong she is. She along with her entire crew is then rushing themselves out of zombie danger while looking to her for guidance. I loved seeing this different side of Petersen’s Zombie world and how it affects different individuals. I am looking forward to more of these short Living with the Dead short stories due out early August in In the Dead Volume I.
Zombie Apocalypse is my guilty pleasure. I love reading it. It can be realistic, it can be gory and scary, it can be light and humorous, and I’m not picky. I love Zombie Apocalypse. Petersen’s Living with the Dead series is great. This novella can be read as a stand-alone without having read any of the full length books. I’ve the full length books in this series. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a book with wit, snark and laugh out loud humor.

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  1. We all need to indulge in guilty pleasures now and then :) Thanks for sharing the fun today.