Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Mercury Rising by: Daisy Harris

Kindle Edition
Published April 27th 2011 by Ravenous Romance
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance        
Stars: 4
Flames: 5

I enjoyed reading this this funny sex filled novella. The cast of characters was fantastic! It was complete with several story-lines and multiple scorching hot sexual couplings. Mercury the Messenger is gay, is slightly embarrassed by this and wants no one to find out. He is on a cruise ship with the entire Pantheon and numerous other world leaders for DICK, Deities International Conference and Kibitz. He is also avoiding his fiancĂ©e Vesta the Goddess of Virginity. Vesta is trying to lose her virginity. It’s just one of those things she’s tired of keeping around. Mercury is the chairman of this event and is beyond stressed. His boss constantly needs his help with mundane things he refuses to learn about modern day life. Mercury’s assistant Dillon is late and he desperately needs his help. To top all of Mercury’s problems off he can’t understand why the hot guy he sexed in the hallway is upset with him. Also on this cruise ship at times (they have their own yacht near the cruise ship at all times) are two hilarious chests pounding alpha Vikings, one of which is VERY Neanderthal.  
I loved Dillon and Mercury. They were such a great couple, once Mercury got over himself with the help of Dillon. Dillon had fight. He did not put up with any of Mercury’s doubts. The Vikings, they added so much humor to this story, especially Loki. Loki knew how to drive Thor insane and he enjoyed every minute of it. Thor made the perfect Neanderthal addition to this story. Vesta’s quest took her straight to the Vikings. I bet she never saw herself getting in bed with not one of the crazy Norse’s, but two. This story has a great mix of humor and hot erotic sex! I will definitely be reading more by this author.

***male & male, male female & male***

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