Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Across the Veil by: Lisa Kessler

Kindle Edition, novella
Published March 14th 2011 by Lisa's Lair
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Stars: 3
                Princess Talia’s parents have arranged for her to marry her loves brother. After having her heart broken she decides to leave Summerland and cross the veil to a human populated Hollywood. After working as an actress for five years her fiancĂ©e finds her. Faldo uses the fact that he is looking for his brother Keth, who also crossed the veil for a reason to contact her. He blackmails her into helping him. Talia does not wish to see either brother. One has broken her heart and the does not wish to marry. Keth and Talia soon discover that Faldo’s wretched plans go far deeper than just reacquiring something that he feels was stolen.
                This is a very short novella. I read it in under an hour. I think the shortness took away from the overall story. The romance between Talia and Keth was a rekindle for the most part. Their separation had been due to a misunderstanding.  Once they reconnected there was immediate kissing and heavy petting, but it all seemed rushed. I think this was largely due to the fact that there is an immense amount of plot and activity in a few short pages.

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