Friday, July 8, 2011

Review: Intoxication by Tim Kizer

Kindle Edition
Published March 30th 2011
ASIN: B004V49L24
Source: Author, for purpose of review
Genre: Horror
Series: As the Darkness Falls
Stars: 4

                This novella consisted of two different dark and twisty tales. I found them very Tales from the Cryptish. There is evil, but there is always something more evil. I can do devious, but there is one out there more devious. The thought of trying to hide something that you did that you know was wrong, but what if I’m never caught. I love the spooky and far-fetched abnormal. That is exactly what these two novelettes are.

Intoxication involves very untypical workplace drama. Leslie’s boyfriend gets violently ill after he drank her cup of coffee, thus someone must be trying to poison her. Leslie has a very active imagination, maybe. Who would want to poison her? Are they trying to kill her or incapacitate her? Does the person trying to poison her have an accomplice? At this point Leslie is appearing a bit paranoid. She goes to her boss, has some video cameras installed on her condo, and then appears outrageously paranoid. Perhaps her coffee was never really poisoned at all. Maybe she was sipping on the crazy sauce? I loved the twists and turns here. I never saw the ending happening the way it did.

Hitchhiker shows how one evil can easily be out done by a greater evil. David a serial killer driving along in the stolen car of his most recent victim decides to pick up a hitchhiker. Ron is hitchhiking along looking for his next victim. After spending some time together they start to notice that all is not as it seems. Survival instincts start to kick in and soon they’re trying to outsmart the other one just to live an evil life one more day.


  1. Is this the book you were talking about? It sounds creepy and good. Glad you liked it.