Thursday, June 30, 2011

theJeepDiva is declaring July Kindle month

Last December my husband bought me a Kindle. He made this purchase because I did not win one off of an author's contest. I was excited. I bought it a pretty case and a beautiful skin/sticker. I have probably only read 10-15 books on it. I prefer my paperbacks. Well I have close to 200 books on it. So during the entire month of July I will read only from the Kindle. Perhaps I will put a dent in some of the unread awesomeness. Here's the ones I plan to read first, though this is definitely not a reading order.

Shambling With the Stars by Jesse Petersen
Resurrection by Boone Brux
A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For by Rita Sawyer
Across the Veil by Lisa Kessler
The Perfect Creation by Marie Hart
Dragon Lust by Tilly Green
Demon's Fall by Karalynn Lee
Mercury Rising by Daisy Harris
Wraith's Awakening by Virna DePaul
Lucas by Eliza Gayle
Hot, Hard and Howling by Mari Freeman
Chasing Eden by Kristen Daniels
Tomorrow by Samantha Kane
Dragonkin by Crymsyn Hart
True Believers by Maria Zannini
The Sacrifice by Samantha Sommersby
Hara's Legacy by Bianca D'Arc

Darwin's Theory Series by Adrienne Wilder
Magical Seduction Series by Stephanie Julian


  1. I only have a couple of the reads on my own Kindle Vanessa, Hara's Legacy which was a free download last year and Demon's Fall which was free this year... Let me know what you think when you get them done...
    True Believers by Maria Zannini you should read soon, it is quite good and has some interesting scenes in a cave!

  2. I cannot wait until mid-july when I get my bonus...I'm buying me the Kindle I was promised for Mother's day that no one ever got around to buying me (sigh...their hearts were in the right place). I might actually wrap it up and put their names on it and open it up in front of them. I bought my Dad one for Christmas and he loves it. The problem is his memory is getting so bad if he doesn't use it every day he kinda forgets how and I have to go over and show him. Then he'll be rockin' for a few weeks until he sets it down for a few days and forgets to use it again.
    I love instant amazon downloads and netgalley and the occaisonal smashwords/free author stories. Good luck with your list, I didn't know a lot of the titles so I look forward to reading your reviews! I also wish you would blog about your trips in your jeep, I'd love to know what you get up too out in the wild. We just got a canoe two months ago and are loving it. Gonna take it out this weekend. It's heavy as $%&* though and that becomes a problem at my end of the canoe if we have to go more then say...10 feet (:

  3. While I love to have an individual book in my hands and be able to appreciate the cover and feel - I have a difficulty with my hands and having the kindle allows me to read so much easier. I also love that I can change the print size. I am hooked on my kindle and wish you every enjoyment.

  4. Huzzah! Hope you enjoy True Believers.