Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Tempest Rising by: Nicole Peeler

Tempest Rising (Jane True, #1)

Mass Market Paperback, 344 pages
Published October 27th 2009 by Orbit Books
ISBN 13: 9780316056588
Series: Jane True #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Stars: 2
Flames: 2
On a nightly swim Jane True finds a body in her favorite swimming hole. Not wanting to be linked to another mysterious death she decides to move the body to another location to be discovered by someone else. Her actions and the fact that the body is not human draw her into a world that she never knew existed. Jane discovers that not only do numerous fictitious creatures exist, but she is among them. The town that she has lived in all her life has quite a few supernatural beings in it as well, living unknown to her and the majority of Rockabill. As soon as the sexy vampire investigator Ryu arrives to investigate the murder Jane finds herself not only involved in solving the case, but also with Ryu. As the mysteries to the murder begin unraveling it is apparent there is much more going on than just the victim that Jane found.

I had a few reasons for not liking this book. The largest dislike for me was Jane. She is not a strong lead female. She just goes along with the world around her. I can easily see this changing in future books of the series though. The romance between Ryu and Jane lacked a connection. They seem to only connect sexually. The sex scenes themselves were very vague. They are almost just a sexy level above insinuated.  I realize that this book is not a love story, so I was not expecting love or a happily ever after, but the characters having some nature of emotional connection would have been nice. Rhu’s laugh even though I have never heard it raked my nerves.

Tempest Rising has some good qualities that kept me turning the pages. I was eager to find out if one of the characters I suspected was more than what he originally portrayed himself as was in fact more.  There are some great mysteries involving the murder. The numerous characters have some humorous banter from time to time. The last fifty pages are fast paced and action packed.

Urban Fantasy books have really been hit and miss with me. There are a few out there that I love, a few that I wonder how they ended up in my hands then there are a few like this one that I am left wondering how I feel about them. I will most likely read the next in the series. I believe that Jane will evolve into a stronger character, at least the book ends with that lead. I however only see myself recommending this book to hard core Urban Fantasy fans. I would not recommend this book to someone like myself who likes some/few in that genre. I had many Sookie feelings while reading this, a female who has just discovered that she is not human while in a new sexually enthusiastic relationship while there is another male in the background who will most likely catch her attention in a later book in the series.           

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  1. This was an interesting review. I too like strong women characters in my reads. I often lose patience with those that just go alone or wine. Thank you for sharing today. I love the cover of the book and for some reason I want to like this one, but I might wait for a while so as not to be disappointed. Thanks for sharing today.