Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Nightkeepers by: Jessica Andersen

Mass Market Paperback, 464 pages
Published June 3rd 2008 by Signet (first published January 1st 2008)
ISBN13: 9780451224378
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Final Prophecy #1
Stars: 3 Stars
Flames: 1
On a whole this was an okay read. There were many aspects that fascinated me. I enjoyed how the majority of the characters for the future books are introduced here. I like how the readers are given a glimpse into the lives that the young displaced Nightkeepers were living as they were beginning to be brought in to Skywatch. This being the first book in the series I feel that some of the story was lost with the history and the back story. Andersen has created a very unique world for her warriors. That was the appeal of this book that drew me in. The world is so unique that the readers are given an immense amount of factual information as to what the Nightkeepers are working towards.  This book is extremely heavy on information. The reader’s attention is drawn in from the beginning and it is kept locked on the action and plot. This is certainly a page turner.
I’m not sure I consider this book a romance. Strike and Leah’s relationship never drew me in. Leah wasn't even in Strike's life for nearly 200 pages. I never found myself wishing for them to come together and have a Happily Ever After. I didn’t have those moments where I was wondering how they could overcome all these hurdles that are placed in front of them. I was also annoyed at Strike leaning to heavily on what prophecies have dictated he does. Their initial sexual contact was extremely ritualistic. I realize that this book revolves around a band of people and the rituals they have known and lived by for thousands of generations. I was personally creeped out by the cultish vibe that I picked up. The constant ritualistic bloodletting worked on my nerves a bit also. These are facts that if they would have been left out or changed, the book would not have made sense though. I plan on reading book 2 Dawnkeepers. I love reading books that are different and unique. This series certainly falls into that category. I am also reminding myself when it comes to series books I tend to like the first the least.  

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  1. Leah and Strikes romance heats up as the books go on Vanessa, the stories get better and the only thing that may keep you from following the whole series is the rituals continue and the cult feel never goes away... After all the whole deal is that The Nightkeepers are part of a group who believe in the end of the world so there is going to have to be a certain amount of "Cultish" aspect to them....

    I have read all the way to book 6 and have it on my shelves to read later this summer... I like Jessica Andersens ideas and the way she has set up the series as it is indeed a unique and interesting set of stories...

    Like any other long term series that you read though there is repeating but in the long run there is also a lot of things revealed that are new as you read further into the authors work...

    I hope you continue with the books Vanessa and enjoy them more as you progress in the series, I did...