Thursday, June 30, 2011

18 & Over Book Blogger Tag Along

18 and over book bloggers tag along is for adult book bloggers to get to know each other and hopefully gain more followers. It doesn't matter what sub-genre you read as long as you read and review adult books.  You can have a book blog that reads some teen books, but you have to have more adult books on your blog then YA. 

How it works
*First make a post on your blog with this picture on top. That lets us know we are in the right place to make a comment so you can follow back. If you don’t do this I will have to take you off the tag along.

*Second place your name or blogs name in the first linky tool.  I want to add here, put in (paranormal romance) beside your blogs name what you mainly review. Then add your URL to the tag along post in the second Linky tool.

*Third visit blogs listed if you like what you see hit the follow button. Remember to leave a comment, so they can tag along back.

If you have a question or problems you can email me, you'll find it under my contact.

Now, if your new don't be shy most of these ladies are here every week and they are very, very friendly (I know because I follow most of them;)



  1. Just stopping by on the Friday Tagalong...have a great weekend!

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    Bookgirl @ My Book Addiction

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  4. Yay, I did it. Thank you for your patience and for the great laugh today. You're the best!

    Looking forward to reading some of those adventure tales

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