Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Thief by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Thief: Fringe, Book 1

eBook, ? pages
Published November 2nd 2010 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd
ISBN 13: 9781609282387
Series: Fringe #1
Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Stars: 4
Flames 3

            This book takes place in the year 2476. Most of the events take place on the Mutiny. This is the salvage ship of Captain Jace Lawless. His ship mates have a tight familial relationship. When the ship acquires a new cook turmoil builds up in the form of distrust and conflicts from both the new comer and the current crew. Being a cook on a ship is nothing new for Kraft. She’s done it before and she holds her head high as she prepares to do it again. Ill circumstances have fallen on her. She still has her heart and her honor, so she will keep going another day. Kraft also has a secret bombshell that I never saw coming. There are plenty unsuspected surprises in this book that keep the pages turning at a good pace. All the characters work together on the Mutiny while avoiding a cruel and over controlling government, IWOG. IWOG has caused some nature of harm to fall on all the crew of the Mutiny. The readers are given plenty of space traveling action adventure.  
            I often mention the pursuit or the chase when I am going on and on about romance in a book. With this book I feel that I need to mention the dance. I should point out that I am totally stealing this phrase from the book. I liked the romance with Kraft and Jace. They are living lives that will always keep them going in opposite directions of one another. They are dancing. The actions of their lives, the directions they are going, the relationship that is being avoided, the constant flirting, it is a dance. The characters are even referring to their actions as dancing. I loved the dance reference. How characters pursue one another is what grasps my attention with any romance. There has to be a chase. I do not want to read a romance where the characters just cave in and fall into each other’s arms for no apparent reason. With that said, the dancing in this book is great. Not heavy on the sexual aspect, but plenty of dancing.
            The readers are introduced to Michael (Overlord) Parker in Thief. He is the hero of the next book in this series Overlord. Expected publication date is Tuesday May, 3, 2011. Please continue dropping by here for that review. Also sometime in the next couple weeks Anitra Lynn McLeod will be by for an interview and promoting Overlord.

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