Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review of Passion Untamed by Pamela Palmer

Passion Untamed (Feral Warriors, #3)

Mass Market Paperback, 373 pages
Published August 25th 2009 by Avon
ISBN13: 9780061667534
Series: Feral Warriors #3
3 Stars
2 Flames (couple of the sex scenes were a huge turn off, one of the characters did not consent and it involved a blood ritual, creeped me out, but I have read some other reviews for this book and it seems that other people read the scene differently)

                This series needs to be read in order. Paenther was kidnapped in the previous book. The author does a little rehashing to let the readers know how Paenther ended up the Mage’s prisoner, but there is more detail in Obsession Untamed. Paenther loathes the entire Mage race, with good reason. He and another Feral was once held prisoner by one. This Mage tortured him and two of his fellow warriors. He had two very simple goals then, escape and vengeance, now he has those same goals again. He is still in pursuit of Vhyper and the Daemon Blade.
Skye is a Mage and the readers learn very quickly that she has little control over her life. I do not believe one can call what she has a life. She has been abused and her magical ability has been used and exploited since she was a small child. I believe that it was the events in Skye’s life that made the romance of this book seem pushed. For someone who had been tortured and should require years of therapy she fell in bed and in love with Paenther too quickly and way too easily. I had this feeling that she saw the idea of a better life and jumped for it.
One of my favorite things in a romance is the pursuit. I like reading the how the characters chase and woo each other. I didn’t get that with Paenther and Skye. Their relationship just seemed like a convenient means to an end. I did enjoy the fact that as a reader I was given some history as to some why’s that I have been very curious over. The readers learn a lot of Mage history with this book. In the previous two books we know that the Mage are behind most of the problems that the Feral’s have to face, with the exception of the Draden & Daemon Blade.

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