Monday, April 4, 2011

JR Ward Lover Unleashed Signing

    On Saturday April 2, 2011 my friend Alycia and I made a mini weekend road trip to Radcliff, KY. We listened to as much rap and hip hop as we could on the drive there. We were also pleased by the fact that we were able to make this trip in a large black truck with 20 inch rims. Yes, I know the Brothers are in large black SUV's on 24's, but we were trying our best to be in a Caldwell state of mind. Many sentences ended with "True."

    Upon arrival in Radcliff we went straight to The Bookstore. (The Bookstore homepage) (The Bookstore Facebook) I LOVE the indies. LOVE THEM. This is another bookstore that I really wished I lived closer to. They are one of the few that sells both new and used. I love used books. They are little unwanted orphans that I need to take home with me. Kudos to the staff with their handling that many people and that many books for a single author signing. I know those employees have had to have a very stressful weekend. The owner is always at the events and he is such a sweet man. (Shame on me for not remembering his name, although I am almost positive it is Jerry.)
    WOW is all I can say about the turnout to this event. There were close to 300 people at the signing. I truly do hate the fact that JR Ward does not personalize the books when she signs them, nor does she pose for pics with attendees. There is a very logical reason for this though. She moves people right along so she can get to the question answer portion of the signing. This is my favorite part of the event. She spent close to 2 hours answering and evading as many questions as she could. I had not read Lover Unleashed prior to the signing. I am pretty sure Alycia and I was the only ones. There was a ton of spoiler talk, which left me wanting to read the book so that I could put the pieces together. While there she announced that the next book will be Tohr's. Everyone already knows this though. It was videoed and put on Facebook while she made the announcement. I love her Fallen Angel series. If I heard correctly last night Vecc is not only a character from Lover Unleashed, he is the main character of Envy. (JR Ward homepage)

   I meet an awesome fellow blogger while I was in Radcliff. Jowanna of Pimpin’ Reads. Go check out her blog! Pimpin' Reads She and her travel buddy Crystal met Alycia and I at El Caminos had had some kibble with us. I also spoke to two lovely ladies from South Carolina while in line to get my book signed. Lorie, Holly and I chatted about all the wonderful books out right now that are on the shelves just begging to be read, book signings and author/book conventions to go to.
  As for staying in Radcliff, I highly recommend the Hampton Inn at 150 Johnson Road. It is a very new facility with an amazingly friendly staff. There is a wonderful Mexican restaurant right down the road from the bookstore called El Caminos. Very delicious food, their spinach, cheese and mushroom quesadilla is my favorite.


  1. I am still BEYOND jealous :) But since you brought me scoop I will try not to be too petty about it!

    Awesome wrapup!

  2. Wow I'm so jealous! I wish I was there, LOL!

    I'm glad you got to meet J.R. Ward and had alot of fun!

    Thanks for the tidbits!

  3. So unbeliveably jealous....:(

    But I am glad you got to meet her! I bet it was exciting!

  4. I hope this place was cooler then the bookstore.