Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra

Sea Witch (Children of the Sea, #1)

Mass Market Paperback, 304 pages
Published July 1st 2008 by Berkley
ISBN13: 9780425221990
Series: Children of the Sea #1
3 ½ Stars, 3 Flames

                Margred is a selkie. She has left the sea to find an eagerly willing and fulfilling sexual partner. The only thing she is seeking as she walks Worlds End beach on a late May night is orgasm. What she finds is a handsome cop out on patrol who would rather get to know her and have more than a quick release with her. There is a very sweet romance here. Margred and Caleb have a strong sexual attraction that gives the book some hot sex scenes. Caleb is a kind man that you love as a character from the beginning of the book. Maggie having lived so long as a selkie away from humanity it makes her very different from humans. She is not an easily likable character in the beginning. Her character does evolve the closer she gets to Caleb. Caleb does not realize he has a familial link to the selkies. I liked the selkie idea. Selkies are creatures of the sea that can shed their pelt and walk among humans. The pelt is their means of shifting and immortality. It is easy to see the importance of the pelt. It is the source of this books conflict.   
                This is a great book. I will continue reading the series. I am very interested in how the main male character of the second book will evolve. He is a complete jerk in this book. I think there is a reasons behind it and I am dying to see if my suspicions are correct. I like to try and guess at the who done it when there is a murder involved in something I’m reading. Here, you know the who done it and the how’s of it from get go. The whys are eventually answered and it is the only thing you are left to guess at. I won’t say that this book was predictable. I really hate that in a description. I realize that this is a romance, the romance between Margred and Caleb is the focus of the book, but with the presence of a murder and the hero being a cop I expected the book to be a little more suspenseful. The lack of suspense left me a little disappointed. Also there is a family connection that is introduced fairly early on that was too easy to see coming.
                There is a prequel to this book, Sea Crossing. It is in the Shifter anthology. It does not have to be read to follow this book. Sea Crossing takes place at a different time and a completely different setting. The characters involved with that story do not have a role in this one. I do recommend reading Shifter. It is my favorite anthology.

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  1. I have the first two book in this series. I hope to get to them on day... Nice review!