Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry

Happy Hour of the Damned

Mass Market Paperback, 336 pages
Published February 1st 2010 by Kensington Publishing Corporation (first published March 1st 2008)
ISBN13: 9780758225238
Series: Amanda Feral #1
3 Stars
0 Flames (It’s not a romance. There was sex in this book, but it was just the meeting of a penis and vagina on paper, put into words. There is nothing sexy about the sex in this book in any way.)
                I’ve really gotten into reading zombie books lately. Thus far in my zombie reading adventures it has been the upmost importance to kill the zombies. They are evil vicious, carrying around a fatal disease that is easily spreadable. They must die. That is not this zombie book. The two main characters are zombies. Amanda and Wendy are (un)living it up diva style, complete with a gay male bestie and a succubus. These zombies biggest daily goal is to go clubbing, drink plenty of booze (it’s the only other thing they can consume) and try to out attire the whole club. This book is a snarkfest. It also houses the best and most one liners in any single book that I have ever read.
                One night while out clubbing Amanda receives a text from their succubus friend Liesl, she simply requests help. In their attempt to find her they uncover so much more than they ever expected. Someone is attempting to unleash a zombie outbreak. The problem is that the villain is not unleashing made zombies. The villain is turning the mistakes out on to the caffeine addicted humans. The mistakes are mindless zombies that are having only one thought…. sweetbreads (bet you were thinking brains.) Neither Amanda nor any of her friends are private investigators. The adventure that ensues is full of bloopers and mistakes. They begin the task of finding their missing friend. During the course of this journey the readers are given a glimpse of how they came to be in their group and how they came to be the supernatural creatures they are.
                What some may not like about this book: It is at times graphic in some of the zombie take out dining descriptions. This book has footnotes, have not seen these since my college years and they were never this humorous. The book is written memoir style.  There are drink recipes scattered throughout the pages. (Do try the Well of Souls Green Demon p.245, tasty little vodka treat.) Amanda has also given the readers quite a few suggested musical playlists throughout the book. One also has to wonder if Amanda has a severe case of ADHD. The flow of the book skips around a bit and at times seems a bit bouncy. These are things some people may not like. I thought each of these quirks added to the uniqueness of this book. This book is very interesting. The world that has been created with the two different types of zombies and the different ways zombies are created is very different from all of the other zombie books out there.

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