Friday, February 25, 2011

Rebel by Zoe Archer

Rebel (The Blades of the Rose, #3)

Mass Market Paperback, 398 pages
Published November 1st 2010 by Zebra
ISBN13: 9781420106817
Series: The Blades of the Rose #3.
3 Stars, 3 Flames

                This book is the third in the Blades of the Rose series. I feel like this book and the others in the series can be read out of order or as a stand-alone. The reader would not be confused in any way. This books heroine Astrid is mentioned in previous books, but not enough that it requires reading the previous book. Astrid is a Blade living in Canada alone in a self-imposed exile. She lost her husband to the Heirs of Albion and cut all ties to the world. She was living the solitary life quite happily until a naked and wounded Native comes stumbling through the forest near her home. He has brought trouble with him in the form of the Heirs.
                Nathan is not your typical Native. He is an educated, raised in the white mans world, attorney. The Heirs have spotted him and wish to use him to get their hold on all the worlds magic. Having woken naked in the woods with only a vague recollection of the previous evening’s events he allows Astrid to take him back to her home to attend his wounds and warm him up. Nathan and Astrid journey across Canada in hopes to protect the unknown Source from the Heirs. Nathan quickly learns that he is surrounded in a reality that he never imagined possible, even his own being is quite different than he ever knew. He is drawn into this magical world by a woman he cannot stop desiring. Nathan and Astrid have a great chemistry. The way they are brought together and the course their relationship takes is fantastic. Also a scorching hot bathing sex scene!             
                Three times is not a charm for me. I have not been wowed by this series. I did find this book to be the best of the three. The readers are finally given a bit of paranormal in the form of shape-shifters and zombies. For a book that has as much action as this one does I am still shocked that it moves so slowly. I have noticed this with the series as a whole. I will also not continue reading the series. I know there is only the one book left, but I am not intrigued enough to continue. I think the only reason that I have made it this far into the series is due to the fact that this book is my book reading clubs February read.


  1. I have the first one on my kindle because it was free awhile back but overall nothing is screaming read me with this series. I am sure I will someday but great honest review1

  2. I know why you liked this one now, zombies LOL. I think I will put this series way back in my pile.