Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Smoke Thief By: Shana Abe

Paperback, 352 pages
Published January 1st 2006 by Bantam Books
ISBN13: 9780553588040
Series: Drakon #1.
4 Stars
2 Flames (there are sex scenes, they are mild and light)

                Clarissa Rue is a halfling Drakon. She fled the shire she was raised in at the age of seventeen to get away from the hateful harassment from the others of her kind. She has created a life for herself in London as the Smoke Thief. Using her Drakon abilities she has become a very successful jewel thief.
                Christoff (Kit) is the alpha of their tribe. One of his many responsibilities is keeping the Drakon existence a secret. One of the ways he does this by bringing the runners back to the shire. After reading reports of the jewel thefts in various papers he comes to the conclusion that these heists could only have been done by a Drakon. Using his tribe’s most valuable jewel, the Langford Diamond as bait he travels to London to bring the runner/thief back to the shire.
                I liked Christoff’s character. He is an alpha male that is willing to bend his will and give into Clarissa’s wants to get what he wants. As with most shifter books he knows from pure animal instincts that Clarissa is his mate. The romantic attraction between the two characters is strong. The conflicts come in the form of trust issues and Clarissa not wishing to be mated to a man who does not truly love her. She understands the need to be with ones mate. She feels the same pull that Christoff does, she just wishes for more than a mating. Clarissa’s character is a strong alpha female that does not back down from a challenge. She also has gotten used to being on her own and doing for herself in late 1700 London.
                I liked this book. It is something a little different in the shifter genre. I do plan on continuing reading the series.


  1. I love Dragon shifters so this is on my shelf! They are different and unique really---I have only found 2 others series with them in there.

    Great Review!

  2. Hey JeepDiva,
    I just love Shana Abe. Terrific review, I haven't read it yet. I'm ur newest follower. Hope to hear from you often.
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous