Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stormwalker by Allyson James

                I can only give this book 3 stars 4 flames. This book is certainly more Urban Fantasy than Paranormal Romance (spine). I personally just do not seem to like Urban Fantasy. If you like that genre certainly pick up this book. James does an incredible job with the characters and world that she has developed for this series. There is plenty of action and the various areas were the conflict comes from is great. The book flows well and has enough turmoil that you keep turning the pages. The sex scenes in this book are very hot.
                Mick and Janet have a very complicated relationship. This is almost a rekindling relationship though and I really do not like to read a rekindle. It just seems to me that someone walked away at some point for a reason. Mick and Janet have a one sided relationship and this is a major hurdle that the couple must overcome. I liked Mick’s character. I loved what he turns out to be. Coyote is back and just as cryptic. I wish the series kept me interested enough to read future books. I am curious as to where the author will go with him.
I know this will not annoy most people but it annoyed me too much. At one point Mick jumps on the back of Janet’s motorcycle and they ride away to Tucson on it. Mick is described as a large man. A man over 6 feet tall will NEVER ride a Harley Sportster, much less on the back of one. I was also aggravated by the gray area of the Happily Ever After. Mick was sent into Janet’s life for a very specific reason. I see too many conflicts in the future books in the series coming from this. I also wish that Janet’s dream involving Mick, Coyote and Nash was more than a dream. That would be a SCORCHING hot scene!

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